Meeting Wed 6pm

There are important national elections which will shape the future direction of the NEU. Please add your voice to this nomination process. Similarly at national conference there will be some fiercely debated motions and amendments If you wish to nominate alternatives candidates or put forward alternative amendments then please do contact Stefan Simms before the meeting. Full details inside.

NEU Left Meeting Mon 1st Mar 7pm

NEU Left is a new grouping of socialists and those who consider themselves as part of the left who are also NEU members. In the run up to its official launch on March 13th many regional meetings have been organised all over the Wales and England, this is ours.

Emergency Mtg Fri 5:30pm

March 8th Big Bang Opening?! How can we persuade our schools to do a staggered return? We want our schools to open safely and stay open! With Special Guest Virendra Sharma MP for Ealing Southall