Coronavirus Update 21-03-20

1. Video NEU Message From Kevin & Mary
2. New Ways of Organising School NEU Groups
3. Headteachers Union Urges for Co-operation not Compulsion of Staff
4. Should I stay At Home, Will I Get Paid?
5. How Will Schools Work?
6. What Happens At Easter?
7. Supply Staff?
8. Home Learning Resources

Workload And Ofsted Meeting Tues 3rd 5.30pm

Please do attend this Ealing NEU meeting. We have updated NEU advice and guidance on Ofsted’s new Inspection framework (Deep Dives) and practical advice on how to reduce workload in your school. Plus NEU advice on Coronavirus.

Vote 1 Daniel Kebede for Vice President

Ealing NEU urges you to vote for 1 Daniel Kebede in the NEU Vice-President elections. You should have received your ballot paper by now. Please do vote and post it back in the pre-paid envelope provided.