LGBT+ Teachers Event Fri 4th March

LGBT+ Teachers Event Fri 4th March 5:30 – 8:30 The Vauxhall Tavern 372 Kennington Lane SE11 5HY with opportunity to stay later at the venue.

Report From Last Ealing NUT Meeting

Our guest speaker was Sean Morris from the BMA a Junior Doctor from Ealing Hospital explain why they have called three 48 hour strikes. There was complete support from the meeting and an agreement to delivery solidarity during the strikes. There was also an excellent discussion on how to win compliant NUT pay and appraisal polices plus a significant reduction in workload in our schools. Finally there was an excellent debate on conference amendments, in particular around Michael Wilshaw’s comments on the ‘face veil’ and children learning. It was overwhelmingly agreed to condemn his comments.

Ealing NUT Meeting Tues 23 rd Feb 5pm HCC W7 1PD

Ealing NUT Meeting Tues 23rd Feb 5pm HCC W7 1PD + Special Guest Sean Morris Junior Doctor from Ealing Hospital
Main Agenda 1. Sean Morris 2. Winning in our Schools Improving our Workload & Obtaining NUT compliant policies on Pay & Appraisal 3. Amendments to Conference Motions

Public Rally Refugees Welcome Here

There is a growing campaign against refugees and Muslims across Europe.
Refugees have been locked out by border fences, abandoned to freeze in makeshift camps or been left to drown in the Mediterranean. David Cameron’s New
Year’s message ramped up racism, effectively branding all refugees and Muslims as “the enemy within”.