Union Meeting 6th Feb 5:30 pm

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General Meeting

(Plus Key Dates)

Tues 6th Feb 5:30 pm
Hanwell Community Centre W7 1PD
Hot Meal Provided

Full agenda items:

  1. The national Indicative ballot starts March 2nd
  2. Practical advice in building solidarity for Palestine in our schools. Day of workplace action Feb 7th – What does that mean in schools? What is possible?
  3. Catholic VA Schools Academy Conversion
  4. Priority Conference Motions*
  5. Minutes and Matters Arising from last Ctte & GM –>  Ctte Minutes Nov 2023 & GM Tues 28th Nov 2023 Minutes
  6. Ealing Joint Committee (EJC) Election of a new Joint Chair plus vacancies as delegate to EJC. Mandy Hudson is stepping down after decades of dedication and commitment, Mat Milovanovic has agreed to stand for the position. Is there any one else interested as chair or delegate? If so please contact me by Thursday 1st Feb. Any possible election will take place at the GM.
  7. AOB

*This year there have been twice as many motions submitted as usual. This is good for democracy. However many will not get enough NEU District votes get on to the conference agenda. We need to be strategic in supporting motions that might not make it, even though we did not submit them. Some motions are also highly likely to get on the agenda.

Therefore I am proposing that we keep 5 of the 6 Ealing submitted; SATs (Motion 9), SEND (Motion 6), Workplace representatives (motion 83), Sexism & online misogyny (motion 72), Palestine (motion 107). And replace Working Conditions in Adverse Heat (motion 10) with Educating for Peace (motion 110). Here are all the submitted Conference Motions –> Motions for Priority Voting 2024

Any alternative set of motions to be prioritise must be with me before Thursday 1st Feb


Stefan Simms

Key Dates

Register here –> https://neu-org-uk.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArdu6srjovGdeiqQ-paBe38zqab-HrmwWW#/registration


Stefan Simms