Government Lied About Teachers’ Pay Rise

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Last Friday, the Tories announced that they had “miscalculated” the funding plans for schools.
In July they promised a 2.7% rise in school funding between 2023-2024 and 2024-2025. This was crucial to their claim that the 6.5% pay award for teachers was funded.
The rise is now only 1.9% not 2.7%. This means a huge £370 million cut to schools funding which equates to £50 less funding per pupil and roughly a teachers’ or more likely a support staff job in every school. This is appalling and unacceptable. We and our pupils need more staff not less in our classrooms.
The basis on which NEU members in the internal ballot before the summer voted to accept the 6.5% on the basis of the claimed funding rise is no longer valid.
We have a live strike mandate. Members before the summer voted overwhelmingly to continue national strikes if we did not get an acceptable offer.
That mandate should be acted upon immediately to fight this new government betrayal of educators and children and their families. Support Staff must be re-balloted as soon as possible.


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2. Pass this Model Motion NEU Sept 23[1]

In Solidarity,

Stefan Simms