Help Make The Next Strike Bigger & Better + Pics & Clips!

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What a wonderful day the strike day was! The joy and determination to be standing up for our schools, our pupils and ourselves was an exciting, heady mixture.

The next strike is a regional one, (because different parts of the country have half term on different weeks), involving London the South East & South West.

How do we build upon that success? Will you be a part of organising and planning the next strike? 1st Mtg Thursday 9th 6pm Zoom link

Meeting ID: 882 6695 2889
Passcode: 990628

Its not a formal meeting. We need as many members to help out with the organising and planning, it will be Ad Hoc.

The first question is:

  •  Do we march in Ealing; starting at Ealing Hospital or Southall park, stopping at Ambulance & Fire stations along the Uxbridge road and the Royal Mail sorting office before rallying at Ealing Common
  •  Take the tube, go to Uxbridge, march in Boris’ backyard and leaflet his constituency about the chronic underfunding of our schools and why there is a recruitment & retention crisis – Pay including support staff.

What would our members think is best/better?

There are other considerations eg; parents/carers, politicians, solidarity from other unions.

Pics & Clips

(Sorry for the layout/sizing – its been very time consuming getting it like this! Phone is better than laptop)

Early Start!




More Gather On The Picket Lines

Head supplies teas, coffee and biscuits

Picket Line!

More tea and coffee. Thanks headteacher



“No_Money = No Miss Honey”

“Give It Up For Our Magnificent Support Staff”
Fantastic Solidarity
1,000 Assemble At Town Hall

Marching To Ealing Broadway Tube

Going To Oxford Circus

On the Tube

Standing Room Only





Getting Off The Tube