NEU Support Strike Ballot

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A Special Message For NEU Support Staff

Why You Must Vote Yes In Your Postal ballot And Strike Alongside Your Teachers.

1. The employer has offered a flat rate of £1,925 to all support staff. But this hasn’t been ‘pro-ratated’. You work term time only, the £1,925 is for full time. That means you will get less than this.

2. Inflation is at 12.6% RPI. This flat rate pay increase is worth around 7% or 8 %  this is a pay cut in real terms.

3. You have lost a staggering 27% of your wages in real terms since 2010.

4. You are being asked to take strike action against this Government because the pay increase is not funded. That means many schools will make cuts and those cuts could be redundancies and they are usually you!! What is the point of getting a rubbish pay increase which could mean you and your colleagues losing your jobs! This is what is on your ballot paper. You Need To Vote Yes.

5. You will not lose any where as much money as you think when we all strike. Plus, Ealing NEU will have a hardship fund. Some say they can’t afford to strike, we say you can’t afford not to. We have a damn good chance of victory against this weak but nasty Government. You would have to have taken strike action continuously for over a year to lose as much as you already have. Not fighting is accepting defeat and having worse pay than you can get in Lidl!! Winter is coming. You deserve a proper fully funded pay rise after all that you did during the pandemic lockdown – a key worker, a hero.

6. You will not strike alone, you will be striking with all your teachers in your school and all schools in England and Wales. Both the NEU & NASUWT are balloting their teachers for strike action. Plus the primary headteachers union the NAHT are also balloting for strike action and that is historic!   

Remember best posting ballot paper photo wins £50. Send photos to