Ealing Wide Workload & National Pay Campaign

Want A Better Work-Life Balance At Your School?
Then Please Complete This Survey

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Ealing NEU are launching your campaign to significantly reduce workload in your School and all Ealing schools. We are calling for a 10 hour reduction per week in every school for teachers and better pay & hours for support staff. To be successful you and your colleagues must:

  • Complete one of the surveys below. It will take 6 – 7 mins.
  • Attend the Mass General Meeting on Wed 15th June at Haven Green Baptist Church – in the ‘Large Hall’

Ask your school rep to hold a school meeting to encourage all NEU members to complete the surveys together. Here is a Ealing Wide Workload & National Pay Campaign 2022 PowerPoint to share with members.

No school rep? Then please contact me stefan.simms@neu.org.uk and gather staff together to complete the survey – we will help. There are two bespoke surveys one for teachers and one for support staff.

At the Mass General Meeting we will; share the results, discuss our other campaign points and outline the next steps.

What You Really Earn Per Hour