Ealing Schools Reducing Their Workload! How?

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Classroom Teachers Reporting The Likelihood That They Will leave The Profession.

Source: Education Policy Institute

There are Ealing schools this term that have made real improvements in reducing their weekly workload, for example, by asking for the statutory required directed time calendar. Find out how they did it.

We will be giving advice and support in how to use the national orientation, ‘Value Education Value Educators’ to reduce your workload and stress.

We are also launching a national pay campaign. Young educators will introduce it. See PowerPoint below to be used in your schools.

This special General Meeting is for support staff and teachers alike. There will be a section dedicated for support staff issues. Please download NEU Advice Document on support staff & Cover. This is in response to questions and concerns raised last time. Special Guest: Trish Fay NEU National Executive for Support staff.

Ealing NEU Agenda

1. Introductions 5 mins

2. Using ‘Value Education Value Educators‘ – Success Stories In Ealing 15 mins

3. Royal College of Arts on Strike! Nathan UCU Rep. Proposal to donate £500 to Strike Fund 10 mins

4. We all need a proper pay rise! Campaign towards national action. Proposed motion on last pptx slide in download –> National Pay Campaign PPt & Motions (inner london). 15/20 mins

5. Solidarity with ‘Sudanese Teachers Committee’ Eye Witness Account Elhussain Yassin Proposal to donate £500 10 mins

6. Special Support Staff Follow Up To Questions & Concerns: Cover queries from last meeting answered in download –>  Support Staff & Cover . Special Guest Trish Fay 15/20 mins

7. Conference Motions: Ctte recommendations for approval. click –> Ctte Recommended Motions 2022. If there are any alternatives please, let me know asap – before the meeting. 5 mins

8. Vice President Nominations: Ctte recommendations for approval. Click –> Ctte Proposed VP Candidates. If there are any alternatives please, let me know asap – before the meeting. 5 mins

9. AOBs & Announcements; London Weekend & Local Elections 5 mins

As before, there is free parking at the HCC and we provide evening food. We ask that you attend in person where possible. It is friendlily and more enjoyable meeting other members in person than online. We still have our proven virus filter and our risk assessment has been reviewed and approved.

However we do appreciate that for some there is no other way accept online, usually due to children’s bedtime routines etc. So we have a ‘Meeting Owl Pro’ camera that will make the online experience better than the usual zoom squares.

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 879 8582 8375
Passcode: 714796