Ealing NEU Banner Design?

Above is almost the final draft version (5th version). I have gone back and forth between the graphic designer and the trade union banner designer/maker. In the process I learnt quite a lot and appreciated their skills.

The changes to the last one I showed you are because:

1. Banners needs a border if image goes up to the edge the stitching will cause the paint to crack.

2. Logo must be bigger, to fiddling to paint as must the font size for Blair Peach.

3. Image of children can’t be too big sadly, as the paint will crack over time.

These points made having “National Education Union” in white at the top look ‘to busy’. Both of them agreed on that so it’s gone.

The lime yellow whilst a NEU official colour doesn’t work on Banners, primary colours much better. Graphic designer said trust banner designer/maker opinion on this. So lime yellow fonts will change to primary yellow.

When I emailed the earlier version to you all, the members that responded all loved it. This improved version is recommended by both the banner designer/maker and the graphic designer

We hope you like this improved version and recommend it to you. It is in keeping with the old NUT banner and personally I love the photo of the children. They are Ealing Children from a Southall primary school. (With appropriate parent/carer permission). Please comment below.

Have a great summer break.

Old Ealing NUT Banner