Reducing Your Workload – Directed Time

Workload is the number one reason why teachers leave the profession. A ‘Directed Time Calendar’ will help reduce it. The school must statutorily consult with the school rep over next year’s ‘Directed Time Calendar’ this term. Not got a school rep, then please contact me.

What is the Directed Time Calendar?

This is the maximum amount of hours per year (1265), spread over 195 days that you must be available for work.

Discussing with your headteacher about next year’s directed time calendar may for example reveal that meetings are longer than they should be or that some things are actually voluntary. This is the first step, an easy step, in the union’s campaign to help you improve your work-life balance.

Most schools in Ealing do publish the directed time calendar and are indeed below the 1265 directed hours. Nonetheless, it is wise in terms of clarity for all that this statutory consultation happens. Already school reps are discovering genuine oversights that will improve the work-life balance for all in their school. The resources below will help you check your directed time calendar; need help then please contact me.

1. Directed Time 2 Min Video Explainer

2. Directed Time FAQs

3. PowerPoint –> DT School Presentation W@W 3.21

4.  Calculate Your School’s Directed Time Using This Excel Spreadsheet. Its easy to use with lots of helpful notes  Improved DT calculator

5. Model letters for Headteacher –> Directed Time Model Letters