Ealing NEU Elections

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All Ealing NEU members are able to stand for the following local district officer positions:

Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer, 3 x Equality Officers, Support Staff, Young Educators, Independent & Post 16, (all these roles can be job shared). Plus two scrutineers and a returning officer are needed for the following AGM.

Please note from September 2021 I will be reducing the number of ‘working’ days per week I work from 5 to 4. The proposal is for the Assistant Secretary position to take the remaining day.

In addition, there are local officer positions without portfolio i.e. Committee Members (a minimum of 6 is required). All elected posts are held for one year, except the Vice President who holds office for three years as; Vice President, President & Past President.

All nominations must have a proposer and seconder and be endorsed by the nominee.

If you are interested and/or wish to know more regarding any of these positions then please do contact me. Nominations must be returned to me by May 31st via email and as described above. My email address is stefan.simms@neu.org.uk

A full agenda will be sent by May 31st.


Stefan Simms

3 responses on “Ealing NEU Elections

  1. Chris O'Connor

    Not sure if it’s me or Luby has put the wrong title but we’re proposing and seconding Carole Millard for whatever the correct title for the role should be.