Meeting Wed 6pm

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* Support & Advice – Back In School

* Nominations For National Executive & Officer Elections

* Conference Amendments

*Solidarity With NHS Staff – 1% pay offer is an insult

There are important NEU elections that will shape the direction the NEU takes in the future. They are mostly being fiercely contested, which is good for our internal democracy. Below are proposed candidates and positions. If anyone wishes top propose alternative candidates please do get contact me, before the meeting.

In addition there are also proposed amendments to conference motions. Again if anyone wants to propose alternatives please do contact me before the meeting.

Zoom Details:

Meeting ID: 882 1719 2251

Passcode: 306944

Zoom Link

Ealing proposes to nominate the following candidates.

1. Vik Chechi-Ribeiro – Equality National Executive Seat: Black Member.
2. Colleen Johnson  – Equality National Executive Seat: Disability Member
3. Kacey de Groot – Equality National Executive Seat: LGBT+ Member
4. Duncan Blackie – Post 16 National Executive Seat
5. Trish Fay – Support staff National Executive Seat
6. Gawain Little – Deputy General Secretary

Ealing Proposes The Following Amendments on:

Motion 66 Support Staff
Motion 49 Autonomy For Districts
Motion 2 Stop Toxic Testing
Motion 25 Send Funding & Mental Health
Motion 44  Pride In Our Union
Motion 52 Debate & Discussion In the Union

Conference Motions 2021 Motions Booklet 2021.PRIORITISED_0 2021 Proposed Amendments

Ealing Proposed Amendments 2021 2021 Proposed Amendments

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  1. Zarin Alam

    Message for Stefan Simms. Hi this is Zarin again. I joined your zoom meeting last week in order to let you know I have absolutely nothing to do with the NEU. Since I changed my mobile number a few years ago I have always been receiving text messages from yourself but wasn’t able to reply. Most messages sent to me are addressed to a Laura. My number is 07824 559242. Please remove my number from your list. Many thanks