NEU Left Meeting Mon 1st Mar 7pm

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Organising To Win

West London Regional NEU Left Meeting

Key Note Speakers:

Jenny Copper – Brent Secretary

Mat Milovanovic – Ealing School Rep


Are You Interested In Being A Part Of The NEU Left?

NEU Left is a new grouping of socialists and those who consider themselves as part of the left who are also NEU members. In the run up to its official launch on March 13th many regional meetings have been organised all over the Wales and England, this is ours.

The NEU Left aims to build up our school union groups in order to defend and support members working conditions, promote progressive pedagogy and bring wider politics into the NEU.

Concretely we will be looking at how we can strengthen school union groups during this pandemic and Boris Johnson’s ‘big bang’ opening.

It was agreed at an Ealing GM to advertise this meeting to all members

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 864 6918 3932 Passcode: 968067