Emergency Mtg Fri 5:30pm

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Virendra Sharma MP Says Phased Return.
SAGE Says Phased Return.
HTs Say Phased Return.
Governors say Phased Return.


We Say Campaign!


We are please to welcome Virendra Sharma MP For Ealing Southall to this emergency union meeting.

Click here for Zoom link Friday 26th Feb 5:30 pm Zoom details: Meeting ID: 852 0442 3784 Passcode: 350354 This meeting is for all members.

Official SAGE released modelling studies by teams at Imperial College London and Warwick University with various scenarios for easing restrictions.

One scenario from the researchers at Imperial analyses a similar path to the one Johnson announced. It estimated that a further 150,000-280,000 people would be hospitalised and 32,200-54,800 people would die between February and June 2022.

Joint NEU general secretary Kevin Courtney said that when a phased return to schools took place last June, the infection rate was 1 in 1,000. In September it was 1 in 1,400. Yet on current trends, by 8 March the rate “is likely to be 1 person in every 300”.

Coronavirus is now spreading fastest among primary age children and young people, according to research published last week. This is despite the fact that primary schools are only open to vulnerable children and those with key worker parents.

We desperately Want Our Schools Open But It Must be Safe And Sustainable

The situation has indeed change from last June and this January notably; the success of the vaccination program and that we (both parents and staff) all need to get back to normality, the workload and stress and has often been immense and overwhelming.

I am confident we would have all sighed deeply if the Government had followed Wales, Scotland and N Ireland and phased in the return of our pupils as recommended by SAGE. But this big bang re-opening risks another lockdown, more deaths and more hospitalisations. It must be opposed. Schools need to open safely AND stay open.


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