Local Democracy

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The NEU and its predecessors have a very long and proud democratic tradition, many of our democratic processes are inspired by the Chartist Movement.

All local officers are required to stand for re-election on an annual basis. The positions are for District and/or Branch;

  • Vice – President (Junior and Senior)
  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 3 Equality Officers Black, LGBT+ and Disabled
  • Health & Safety
  • International
  • Young Teacher
  • Retired

There are also 12 Ealing Committee (officers without portfolio)

In addition there are delegate places for Annual Conference and all three Equality Conferences, plus Ealing Trade Council delegates. Finally there are delegate places for Ealing Education Joint Committee (where we regularly meet with Ealing senior education officers and Ealing Councillors).

Please do enquire or email either myself or London Regional NEU. There are rules and support for any member, who is interested in standing for any of the local officers positions listed above, to ensure a fair and equal election process.

School Reps also stand for re-election on an annual basis. If you are interested in this position then please do contact me. It does not have to be a single person. There are some schools with co-reps; you could stand with someone else on a ‘slate’.

The deadline is the end of this term Dec 18th. Those in post wishing to continue in their post will be “elected unopposed”, if no-one else comes forward by this deadline. If members do come forward for various posts then an election timetable will be produced which will start next term. Our AGM will also be next term and it will be a virtual one. It is at the AGM where the election process will be ratified.