NEU Meeting Wed 2nd Dec 6pm

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Key Agenda items:

Reducing Workload + C19 Updates

For many of us the increased workload due to the pandemic is immense and we will be grateful to get to Xmas still standing. Although many of us will also be angry that despite being “Key Workers” and “Heroes on the front line” we will be getting a pay freeze for our efforts!

Now the Government has stated that those Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) must return to work. They are no longer allowed to ‘shield’. Currently Ealing has 191 per 100,000 cases. During the first wave this was more than enough for both CEV and CV staff to shield. This decision is a potential death sentence for our CEV colleagues.

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Ealing NEU meeting on Wed 2nd Dec at 6pm.

Please make sure you have identified yourself before entering the meeting on the device you will be using. This is quick and easy. We need to know you are a member. So please give your name and school.


1. Reducing Workload In Our Schools

2. Protecting Our CEV Colleagues / West London NEU Sch Motion

3. Conference Motions (See Below)

4. National Executive Nominations (See Below)

Proposed Motions For Annual Conference 2021 Are:

1. Organising In the Workplace

2. Black Lives Matter

3. Combat Climate Breakdown In School And Beyond

4. PSHE RSE And LGBT+ Inclusive Education

5. GCSE And A levels

6. SEND Funding And Mental Health

All six proposed motions for Annual Conference 2021 can be downloaded here Ealing Proposed Motions for 2021.

Every NEU District can submit up to 6 motions for consideration at Annual Conference. Annual conference is the supreme decision making body of the union. In the spring term all districts will see all the motions submitted by all the districts and choose 6 from that list to go to conference for consideration. The motions with the most votes from the Districts in each section get to be debated at conference. The next conference will be a shorter virtual one, due to the pandemic.

National Executive Nominations:

Ealing NEU agrees to nominate the agreed slate below:

1. Stefan Simms – Ealing

2. Jenny Cooper – Brent

3. Andrea Croce – Hounslow

4. Debra  Beale РMerton

To date no other nominations have been put forward in Ealing or any other applicable NEU Districts accept this slate.

National Executive Members are elected every two years. They are tasked with implementing the decisions of annual conference. They are responsible for the governance, management and control of the Union by Rule.

There are 4 executive places for the following areas; Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Enfield, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kingston Upon Thames, Merton, Richmond on Thames, Sutton. At least two elected must be women. Approximately 73% of the national membership are women. (The executive seat(s) remain vacant until a woman comes forward).