Sept: At Risk Staff & Pay Progression

At Risk Staff

Please see here Joint Union Advice Coronavirus SEPTEMBER checklist v7 for ‘vulnerable’ and ‘extremely vulnerable’ staff.

All these points below must be adhered to. If they have not been adhered to them do inform your school and Ealing NEU. Please also note that this is not the same guidance as Ealing. Nonetheless you will have the full backing of the NEU in ensuring you are safe and that these points are adhered to.

It may well be that your own HT will take a far more sympathetic, supportive approach and in line with this guidance.

Further Guidance and advice can be found on the national NEU website here

* Has the school agreed to carry out individual risk assessments for each employee taking account of their personal and household circumstances and local circumstances with regard to COVID-19?

* Has the school in particular agreed to individual risk assessments for staff who are clinically extremely vulnerable, clinically vulnerable (including pregnant employees) or at increased risk (in particular older staff, disabled staff and Black staff) or who live with such people?

* Has the school agreed that these risk assessments will be reviewed as at the start of September term taking account of any changes to personal or local circumstances? Has the school agreed that all employees who are clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) or live with CEV people will be permitted to work at home in September if they wish to do so?

* Has the school agreed to consider appropriate measures for employees who are clinically vulnerable or at increased risk, such as working at home, working in amended roles at home or amended roles in school where it is possible to maintain social distancing, or wearing PPE where desired?

* Has the school agreed to plan for September on the basis that not all members of staff will necessarily be able to attend school then?

Pay Progression

The NEU believes all staff should move up the pay scale this year due to the Covid 19 crisis. Unless you had received written communication from your HT stating that they had concerns regarding your performance prior to the start of the Covid 19 Crisis.

Please see model HT letter link here.

If there are any problems again do Ealing NEU.