Ealing NEU “AGM” Zoom Meeting Thurs 30th 4:15pm

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Mourn The Dead – Fight For The Living – PPE Now! Tues 28th 11am

For us all this dreadful situation continues to change and at times rapidly. Further Below is a shocking report from the Financial Times about the real number of deaths in the UK and an equally appalling statistic showing how badly we compare to all other countries in the number of dead per million of the population. Which is why the protest next Tues at 11am is so important.

Agenda For Ealing NEU Zoom “AGM” Thurs 30th April 4.15pm

  1. Distance Learning & Working From Home
  2. Exams and Grading
  3. Q & A session
  4. Consultation at School Level with staff/NEU
  5. Petition: Open Schools When It Is Safe
  6. Workers Memorial Day Tues 28th 11 am
  7. Care for Calais Donation £250
  8. Local Elections
  9. Treasurer Report & Local Subs
  10. AOB

Zoom Login Details for Ealing NEU “AGM” :

Meeting ID: 830 2800 0095

Password: 019875

Or Zoom link here

Security Request:- Please identify yourself, Name and School. Otherwise you will be removed from the meeting. 

1. Distance Learning & Working From Home

Please see NEU advice links below. They are tailored for School Leaders, Secondary, Primary, plus FAQs. Any difficulties or queries you may regarding these items will be addressed at the meeting.

Distance Learning

Working from Home

2. Exams & Grading

NEU advice guidance can be downloaded below. There is an excellent article by Alasdair Smith critiquing the exam factory culture in the light of the exams being cancelled and the unfairness of norm referencing. Finally there is an excellent article in the The TES by Dr Mary Bousted. “The attainment gap was yawning long before Covid-19“.

Coronavirus – Exams have been cancelled – what happens now

Teacher assessment and the dissolution of the ‘exam factories’

Dr Mary Bousted TES article

5. Open Schools When It Is Safe

Please sign this petition, it is already making an importance impact and please also use the reps letter to be signed by staff in your school and sent to your headteacher, Ealing LA and your local MP.

Open Schools When It is Safe: National Petition

Open Schools When It Is Safe: Joint Staff Statement

6. Workers Memorial Day Tue 28 11am

7. Care 4 Calais

“Right now, refugees in Calais are more afraid of starving than they are of COVID-19.  NGOs have pulled out and state food provision has reduced by 50%. Our amazing volunteers are still on the ground working flat out to help people but we need your support. We urgently need funds to buy more food supplies.”

Please click “Home” below for 1min appeal

Home V2

Government Hides True Scale Of Coronavirus Deaths

“The coronavirus pandemic has already caused as many as 41,000 deaths in the UK, according to a Financial Times analysis of the latest data from the Office for National Statistics. The estimate is more than double the official figure of 17,337 released by ministers on Tuesday, which is updated daily and only counts those who have died in hospitals after testing positive for the virus.” FT Chris Giles Economics Editor

Deaths Per Million Of The Population

More reasons to be angry: Deaths per million of population from Covid 19 (based on published figures 24 April):

Japan 2.59, Australia 3.00, New Zealand 3.48, South Korea 4.65, Greece 11.84, Norway 36.51, Canada 60.47, Germany 67.23, Denmark 67.96, USA 152.49, UK 281.82 !!

The website Statista is highly respected and trusted.