Volunteering To Support Key Workers

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Thank You For Volunteering
Do Volunteer At Easter
Support Health & Key Workers Save Lives!


What you are doing as teachers and support staff is making such a vital difference in saving lives. You are indeed heroes!

It is important that all key workers can continue to work so that we are all safe. If you do not fit into one of the stay at home and self isolate categories, it is vital that you continue to volunteer. I know that you are volunteering, we all know how important it is that key workers can continue to work, often putting their own lives at risk for us.

Some Ealing headteachers are worried that following the advice given yesterday that their staff won’t turn up at all. This is a misunderstanding of the advice. The NEU agrees that if there are not enough volunteers for a particular school then rotas will need to be worked out with the engagement of the school NEU rep and group. (The recommended staff ratio is 1:10). This scenario at the moment seems unlikely though as there are many reports that numbers of pupils numbers continuing to fall. Some schools already have no pupils attending.

During the Easter Break the NEU urges teachers to volunteer provided you do not fall into one of the stay at home categories and self-isolate. Ealing LA will be soon be emailing a survey asking for volunteers. I am sure you will, where possible, respond positively.

7 responses on “Volunteering To Support Key Workers

  1. Jenny Davis

    Thank you. I think Springhallow will struggle to support their vulnerable students as many of the staff are forced to use public transportation. I will let head teacher know that union is trying to organise this. Jenny Davis-NEU rep

  2. Asma

    I work at Greenwood Primary school and I am an NQT and we have sent out our names as volunteers. Let’s try and help the community as much as we can . Stay safe everyone

  3. Karolina Meyer

    Hi Stefan,

    I have replied to a member of SLT at my school to volunteer over Easter Period. I have mentioned to them which days I could do.

  4. Nik Wilson

    Very happy to join in with the volunteering over the holiday period and I would encourage colleagues to join in as well.