General Meeting Tues 3rd Dec 5.30 pm H.C.C. W7 1PD

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The Election, Ofsted and The Future Of Our School

Key Agenda Items & Special Guests:
Linda Cronin UCU Roehampton University
Jill Stokes the NEU Ofsted expert

1. How will the outcome of the General Election Affect our Schools?

2. OFSTED’s New Brutal ‘Deep Dive’ Inspections: Advice & Guidance from Jill Stokes the NEU expert!

The outcome of the general election will have a profound impact on our schools. For example, the Tories will put rocket boosters on Ofsted, whilst Labour and the Lib Dems will both scrap Ofsted. Can you be part of the NEU’s intervention “Value Education – Vote Education”?

The NEU has had a significant upsurge in complaints of “excessive workload, stress and pressure” placed on them during and in the run-up to inspections. The NEU points out that the STPCD 2019 states teachers cannot be expected to take on responsibility or accountability for a subject area without appropriate additional payment.

We are advising our members they should not be taking on extra responsibilities, such as accountability for standards in a subject, sequencing of knowledge in a subject, or monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning, without appropriate additional payment. These teachers should also not attend meetings with inspectors without the presence of a senior staff member.

Please attend this general meeting for the full advice and guidance.

Full agenda below.

A. The General Election & UCU Striker: pay cuts, pensions, insecure contracts, workload, gender pay gap –sound familiar?!

  1. How different outcomes will affect our schools
  2. “Value Education Vote Education” & ‘Super Saturdays’

B. Ofsted – Advice & Guidance

C. Proposed Conference Motions 2020 Please download the 6 proposed motions to go to National Conference in the name of Ealing NEU. If there are any other proposal please contact Ealing NEU.

D. Black & Independent Members Conference Report-Back

E. Affiliation to Love Music Hate Racism

F. A.O.B.

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  1. Phillip Jones

    I need to know the best way to prepare for a visit from Ofsted.
    I have no documents prepared.
    Cannot make meeting at HCC.