Primary Reps Training Tues 21st May 8:30 am

SATs, The Ballot & The Alternatives

Ealing Cricket Club Corfton Rd, W5 2HS.

Nearest is Tube Ealing Broadway. Free Parking available on the Club Grounds.

We know the harm High Stakes Testing (SATs) does to our pupils. We know it narrows and restricts teaching and learning. Our Headteachers agree with us and now so do Labour and Lib’ Dems’; we will explore how we turn opinion and political parties’ election pledges into reality.

Rep Training Programme

Morning Sessions

SATs, The Ballot & The Alternatives: Alan Gibbons Renown Children’s Author & Sara Tomlinson leading Anti SATs campaigner + NEU Lambeth Secretary


Improving Your Negotiation Skills – Interacting With Your Headteacher

Coffee/Tea Break

School Disputes/Issues + Q&A

What Do Primary Leaders Say About SATs? A brilliant 4 min clip

SATs poem that has gone viral on Twitter

Do take advantage of this opportunity; to build your confidence, learn how to use the resources of the NEU and meet other Reps/ Officers.

To book your place, simply inform me by email, text or voicemail and hand this Head Teacher Letter- Ealing 21-May-19 AVIS G to your Headteacher. Please do speak to your Headteacher immediately. They have been informed by us and by Ealing LA via ‘Gate-Keeping’.

Please remember that your attendance on this course has been agreed, through Ealing’s Local Teachers Trade Union Agreement. Your school can claim the cost of a qualified supply teacher from Ealing. In addition, all union reps have statutory annual entitlement to training. It is of course good manners to be professional and not presumptuous when informing your Headteacher.

An overwhelming majority of primary school leaders (93%) believe that the government should review the current system of standardised assessment. They agree that both teachers (98%) and pupils (94%) are placed under unnecessary pressure because of SATs1.

90% of primary teachers thought SATs had an adverse effect on pupils’ well-being2.

Layla Moran, Liberal Democrat education spokesperson at NEU Conference said, “It is high time we ended the unnecessary stress placed on pupils and teachers by high-stakes testing in primary schools; which is why we should scrap SATs and reception baseline tests altogether”.

Are there alternatives to SATs?

Students must be assessed. This could be both formative and summative; combined with moderation and sampling as in the international PISA tests. Plus, it’s a decrease in our workload!

There are alternatives models to the current regime, just look at Finland, Canada or Denmark. The time is right for heads, governors, parents, politicians and parents to explore these alternatives with UK academics and experts.

[1 YouGov survey (March 2019) 2 NEU Survey of 1,000 teachers]