Invite Us Into Your School – SATs Ballot

“Yes good I know it causes; immense stress and anxiety for my pupils, extra workload for me and they affect my Performance Management but;
What would we do instead?
How would the boycott work?
What about my Headteacher?”

Please Invite us into your school; discuss together so we can end SATs and make this campaign a success for the sake of our pupils and ourselves.

Below are; PowerPoint slides on the SATs campaign to be used in a school meeting. Plus links to ‘More Than A Score’ Facebook Page, Ballot details and a Election pledges from Labour & Lib’ Dem’s if elected.

NEU PowerPoint on SATs & High Stakes Testing Too Much Testing ballot meeting presentation

NEU Indicative Ballot Details

The NEU indicative ballot will include all members working in primary schools.

  • The indicative ballot will be conducted online
  • The ballot will begin on June 4th and run for about four weeks
  • The ballot will have two questions, along these lines:
  1. Do you support the union continuing to campaign for the abolition of SATs and league tables?
  2. If the union balloted you in the next school year would you refuse to administer statutory tests and refuse to prepare children for them?
  • The NEU Executive will use the results of the indicative ballot to decide on whether to move to a formal ballot – therefore, every vote is vital, and we urge all primary members to vote.

What Will Labour & Lib Dems Do If Elected?

Labour Will:

  • End SATs, Tuitiuon Fees, Academies & Free Schools
  • Give 30 hours entitlement for 2, 3 & 4 year olds – Sure Start Centres
  • Create the ‘National Education Service’ Like the NHS where all will be entitled to “life-long learning”
  • Create the ‘Arts Pupil Premium’ where all pupils will be able to study art, music, dance, drama, go to museums, & art galleries. This will broaden the curriculum and ensure a minimum time for these subjects
  • End the recent anti-trade union laws and bring back national bargaining

Lib Dems’ Will:

  • End League Tables, SATs & Ofsted