Fair Pay & Funding + Reduced Workload. Invite The NEU To Talk To Staff.

Fair Pay & Funding + Reduced Workload. Invite The NEU To Talk To Staff.  Agree To Send A Letter To Local MP.  Ask Governors To Do The Same.

Campaigning With Headteachers’ Unions On Fair Funding & Pay

Both ASCL (usually secondary headteachers and senior teachers) and the NEU are moving towards an indicative national ballot. All three unions have written a joint letter to MPs.

The Government’s own education review body recommended 3.5% for all teachers, fully funded. Damion Hinds has said:

    • 3,5% for main scale
    • 2% for UPS
    • 1.5% for Leadership
    • 2% for TLRs

But schools must find the first 1% from an already reduced budget! In addition, he hasn’t funded the inadequate support staff pay rise. Schools have already had an 8% cut in funding, this additional pressure on the school budgets will lead to further job cuts, increased class sizes and cuts in provision. Our pupils are suffering now. Forcing schools to find the extra money at the expense of pupils’ education when 33% of them live in poverty1 is a disgrace.

Damion Hinds ignoring his own expert review body will mean; more teachers will leave the profession and more workload for those that stay.

Invite The NEU To Organise A School Union Meeting 

Download this PowerPoint for a school meeting  STRB_Toolkit and agree to send these letters to your MP and Governors MP & Governor letter

Show This Short Video At The School Union Meeting



If you don’t have a school rep then email stefan.simms@neu.org.uk or phone 07817 643 546 and we will help organise it for you.

Reducing Workload In Your School.

There Is More That You Shouldn’t Do!

Download the joint summary poster of Do and Don’t endorsed by the DfE, Ofsted and your own headteachers’ union. Reducing_Teacher_Workload_Poster

Download the NEU’s ‘Tackling Workload Together’. NEU201-Tackling-Workload

DfE Urges Schools To Reduce Workload By Using Their Tool Kit At A Full INSET Day.

General Mtg Tues 16th Oct 5:30pm Hanwell Community Centre,

Westcott Crescent W7 1PD

1. Building The Joint Union Fair Funding & Pay Campaign +

2. Reducing Your Workload

3. Moving Up The Pay Scales


Are You Ballot Ready?

If you have not recieved this The Teacher Magazine through your letterbox then please go to https://www.teachers.org.uk/update/selfregistration and update your personal details.

In preparation for the national ballot it is absolutely essential that we have your correct details.