Meeting Members In Schools

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Ealing NEU would like to meet as many members as possible in their schools. We recognise that schools without NEU representatives can see less of us at times than schools with union representatives. This has implications for members in those schools in terms of getting their issues addressed and their voices heard in the union.

We would like to introduce ourselves, update you on what the NEU are doing about funding, workload and the “Exam Factory Culture” that is so prevalent in our schools. We will also be there to answer any queries or concerns you might have.

Please contact Stefan Simms on 07817643546 and or James Calliste on 07871803660 if you would like to have an NEU meeting in your school. It would be very helpful if you and your colleagues agree on the best date and time for the meeting. If the meeting is at lunchtime then we will bring lunch.

We look forward to meeting you