Ealing NEU-NUT Local Elections

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Every year Ealing NEU-NUT members elect our Officers & Committee members. We also elect Delegates to our various Conferences; National, Equalities & Young Teachers’, plus London Regional Council and Ealing Trades Council. Finally, Ealing NEU-NUT also represents Ealing teachers at the Ealing Local Authority Education Joint Committee.

These elections go to the heart of our democratic structures. If you are interested, then you are very welcomed to find out more about what any position involves by contacting me. Support and training is given to any member elected to any of these positions. I encourage members to get more involved in their local union, you will make an important positive difference.

Below is a list of the local union positions which any Ealing NEU-NUT member is entitled to stand for provided they have been nominated by two current Ealing NEU-NUT members. A member who intends to stand for any of these positions must inform me by the end of this term. [PTO & see rule’s 6(c) & 6(e)] If there are more candidates, for any particular Ealing NEU-NUT position than designated, then elections will be conducted at the start of the Spring term 2018.


Stefan Simms
Ealing NEU-NUT Secretary & National Executive Member for Outer London
secretary@ealing.nut.org.uk Tel: 07817 643 546
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Ealing NUT Local Positions




School Officer (Two posts)

Casework Officer

Equality Officer (Black Teachers)

Equality Officer (LGBT Teachers)

Equality Officer (Disabled Teachers)

Young Teacher Officer

International Officer

Health & Safety Officer

Committee (usually 15 posts but more is possible)

Conference Delegates (9 delegates to be elected)

NUT London Regional Council (4 delegates to be elected)

Ealing Trades Council (2 delegates to be elected)

Equality Conferences (LGBT, Black & Disabled: up to 4 delegates for each conference)

Young Teachers Conference (up to 3)

Ealing Education Joint Committee. (Up to 4, Mtgs with Ealing LA)


“Nominations for the Officers as listed in Model Rule 6(c) and the elected Committee Members in Model Rule 6(e) shall be made in writing, signed by the proposer and seconder and endorsed by the nominee and shall reach the Association Secretary not later than the end of the Autumn term.”