Schools Funding Lobby 24th Oct

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88% of schools are still facing real-terms cuts despite Government announcements about more money going into the system. That means: less for our children and young people, bigger classes, fewer teachers and staff, a reduced curriculum, parents & teachers plugging the gaps.

What can I do?

Join our mass lobby of parliament, where school staff, parents, unions and community leaders will be coming together to ask MPs for a commitment to reverse school cuts and fully fund schools. Together we can send a loud signal to the Government that it can’t ignore.

The lobby will take place on 24 October, 9:30am onwards at Emmanuel Centre, Marsham St, Westminster SW1P 3DW.

Book an appointment with your MP and show that you’re willing to attend. We’ll be in touch to tell you more about what happens on the day. Booking an appointment with your MP is quick and easy, simply click here Then share this page with colleagues, friends and family and ask them to do the same.

A survey by the Times Education Supplement just revealed shocking numbers.  It reports that 2 out of 3 teachers are personally stepping in to save school budgets.

The Government keeps telling us that schools are fine, that we don’t need to worry. But the sums don’t add up – and it’s hard not to worry when nearly 9 in 10 schools are still losing out. Please watch and share this short Video



3 responses on “Schools Funding Lobby 24th Oct

  1. Amanda

    Please can you stop cutting funding to schools. It’s causing redundancies and some schools, like mine, deciding to become academies. This is causing great schools to lose staff opposed and alienate and segregate groups.

  2. James

    If the government can find the money for tax breaks for businesses and the rich then they can fund schools properly.
    If the government can shake the magic money tree to find money for the DUP then they can shake it again and find some money for all of our futures.

  3. Yinka

    School Funding is essential! It is more than a lifeline. Please don’t cut funding for schools! The children suffer and people like me face discrimination because of our age and length of years in service as excuses when really it is because of the funding cuts. Please don’t allow unscrupulous Headteachers to misuse their power.
    People like me are targeted and labelled as ‘incapable’ after so many successful and beautiful years of service.
    This is so unfair and family lives are being ruined. People’s integrity is also being eroded. I am suffering right now so I know what I am talking about.
    Please rethink!