HUGE NUT Resources Agreed For Ealing NUT: How Should We Deploy Them To Help You?

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Are you; overworked, have a poor Worklife Balance, disillusioned with the exam factory culture, struggling to pay the bills, worried that you won’t move up the pay scale, feel bullied or under too much stress?

Four associations have been selected by NUT headquarters to spearhead a serious and prolonged campaign to significantly improve our schools and working conditions. Ealing NUT has been chosen because we are considered to be one of the very best campaigning and well organised NUT associations

As your elected Divisional Secretary I am very proud of this; we would not be in this fantastic position if it was not for the hard work of your school rep. Please find them today and thank them.

What Are These Huge Resources?

We will be assigned 4 or 5 experienced full time NUT officers, (maybe more!) to work on specific projects or campaigns in your school.

They will be backed up by even more support from London Regional NUT in terms of time, money and personnel. All of this will massively boost or amplify our efforts; so what should we campaign on? Come to the General Meeting and tell us! Tues day 18th Oct 5pm Hanwell Community Centre, Westcott Crescent Hanwell W7 1PD

General Meeting Revised Agenda

1. Minutes & Matters Arising (1 min)

2. How should we deploy these resources to improve our schools and working conditions? (20 mins)

3. Using the DfE Recommendations to reducing our workload. Click here for dfe-workload-nut-summary

This is likely to merge into item 2. (10 mins)

4. SATs Boycott & the Indicative ballot with the ATL & NAHT (15 mins)

5. Khalsa Primary School Strike against Academisation (10 mins)

6. AOB & Announcements (4 mins)