Why Our Strike Must Go Ahead: UK Crisis & FAQs

Supoort for Corbyn

Police say 10,000 turn up in London to support Corbyn

World stock markets plummet, the UK economy and the Westminster parties are all in turmoil.

This is understandably for a number of members deeply concerning. The NUT has seriously evaluated the current situation and confirms that the one day strike will go ahead on Tues 5th july          

Strike Must Go Ahead Because

1. Under the Anti-Trade Union Laws we are not allowed to delay the action until September, it must start 28 days after the close of the ballot. If we don’t strike now we are giving up. It would be the green light for Nicky Morgan to step up the attack. There are strong rumours that from September 2016 a teacher can be moved down the pay scale. The STRB has been delayed for quite some time now.

2. Amongst this political turmoil we have to put education back onto centre stage, for example you may have missed the news that child poverty in the UK has just jumped to 4 million. George Osborne has FROZEN the money he gives schools, while INCREASING the money he takes from them. This is before we feel the unprecedented cuts due from 2017.

3. It is even more important that the strike goes ahead at this time, who is going to pay for this crisis? In the financial Crash of 2007 we were made to pay for the bankers’ crisis – Austerity; and we are all still pay for it, whilst the super-rich have massively increased their wealth.

4. Many polls show that the poorest from all ethnic backgrounds voted for ‘Brexit’ mostly as anti- establishment/undemocratic protest and secondly on immigration. I believe we now have an extra responsibility to ensure that this anti-establishment revolt takes on a greater anti-austerity ant-racist colouring. Who will be blamed for rising class sizes immigrants or the government’s chronic lack of funding?

5. We will be striking against a deeply divided and battered government; a united determined strike has a much better chance of success in these circumstances.

6. More strike days have been agreed in the Autumn, but first we must make this one a success.

What Would It Take To Call the strike Off?

Acting General Secretary Kevin Courtney has written again to Nicky Morgan saying:

“We make one last appeal to you to avoid this action:
Fund schools sufficiently to cover the increased staff costs you have imposed on them.
Tell academies they must at least have regard to the national terms and conditions.
Promise meaningful talks to look for a full resolution of the dispute.”

It would seem Nicky is to busy trying to be the next leader of the Tory Party than to talk to the NUT!

Download the full letter Kevin’s Letter to Nicky

Download answers to every possible question about the strike on Tues 5th July FAQs


Stefan Simms
Ealing NUT Secretary
Education is a right not a privilege nor a commodity