Ealing NUT Financial Report

One last big thanks to Diane who has been our Treasurer these past few years. She significantly improved our accounting system and made it a lot easier for the future. Ealing NUT would not have been able to do achieve anything, let alone be successful without the hardwork and patience (with me!) of Diane behind the scenes.

She has taught in Ealing for more than the 40 years! Diane has also been a brilliant bolshie rep at St Ann’s for as long as I have had the privilege to know her. She has finally decided to retire this summer and we wish her all the best for the future.

Congratulations to Dee Higgins who is our new Treasurer. She is also the school rep at EOTAS.

At our last AGM we presented a full summary of expenditure for members’ scrutiny – we are rightly, a campaign branch. This requires money.

Our accountants have recently been returned and fully approved by the independent financial auditor. If any member would like to look at our accounts and see what has been spent at any one particular time, then please do ask.

Stefan Simms Ealing NUT Divisional Secretary