No Forced Academies

12400977_10156646997690534_6752854588834444724_nNews & Updates

1. There is a priority motion to go before conference for national strike action, it will be worded to include and benefit those already in academies.

2. There are two petitions that have already got over 130,000 signatures. Parliament must now consider whether to hold a debate.

3. The Primary Head Teachers Union NAHT is urging its members to wait and not rush into forming Academy chains with their neighbouring schools. Whether their members listen & heed is something we need to ensure happens.

4. The National Association of Local Authorities is opposed to this. This body is dominated by Tories, they are angry. Many important leading Tory Councils are publically opposed to this.

5. The Labour Party is opposed to this. Jeremy Corbyn will be speaking at NUT Conference this weekend and Lucy Powell is speaking at our protest this afternoon, which is looking to be massive (please see below).

6. Nicky Morgan was given a very hostile reception on Mumsnet and elsewhere.

7. There will be no Parent Governors allowed to sit on Governing Bodies. This has upset the National Governors Association.


The Tories have declared war on state education their real aim is; to destroy local democracy, ‘shrink the state’ and then allow ‘for-profit’ schools – like ‘Charter’ Schools in the USA.

But this may well be over reach by the Government. It is up to us to build the biggest alliance and make this real possibility a fact.

There is clear and complying evidence that academistaion does not improve a struggling school (Ofsted agrees) and almost all schools are already ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’; even some Tories and their allies are questioning this. We can exploit their divisions. IDS has quit and civil war has broken out amongst the Tories over Europe.

Do You Work In A Catholic School?

Yesterday headteachers recieved a letter from the Diocese informing them that their school will be assigned to a Catholic Multi Academy Trust. It is absolutely important that you contact me immediately. We will need to meet members in your school as soon as the summer terms starts.

What can I do right now?

1. Demonstrate after school today 5pm DfE office, see ‘Hands Off our Schools’.

2. Sign the petition here

3. Organise a school meeting next term and invite me in. I will come with lunch.

4. Write to your MP via this made easy website.