Mandy Hudson’s Disability Equality Blog – May 2015

Mandy Hudson

Mandy Hudson

The term seems to be flying by. It will soon be the May Half term. I wonder who will be in power after May 7th?

As many of you will know, annual conference decided not to call further strike action before the general election but instead focus on the “Stand Up for Education” campaign. Many successful question times took place where local politicians were faced by NUT members using the ‘eight points on workload’.

I felt strike action before Easter would have helped show all political parties that teachers would not tolerate the current levels of workload, reduction in pensions and the dismantling of national pay and conditions through PRP.

I believe that disabled teachers in particular are bearing the brunt of pressures coming from appraisal relating to PRP and changes in pension arrangements which is why I still feel we need national, regional and school based strike action.

On March 4, the Advisory Committee for the Disability Equality met. Unfortunately, only the London, the Midlands and the North West were represented.

It was encouraging to meet with Vin Wynne the new senior organiser for Disability Equality and to begin planning for the next Disabled Teachers’ Conference, which will take place at Hamilton House on Sat, 28 November.

On May 21st and May 22nd. The TUC Disabled Workers’ conference will take place. The NUT motion to the conference is about the effects the new Education, Health and Care (EHC) are having on disabled pupils. The conference promises to be an interesting one, coming as it does, so soon after the general election.

As ever, it would be good to hear your views so please email me on

If you happen to be at annual conference in Harrogate, please come and say hello to me and attend the disabled teachers reception, which is happening on the Monday evening.