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Welcome to my first posting. I hope it finds you well and not so exhausted that you can’t look forward to the Christmas holidays!

In case you didn’t know, as well as being Ealing Teachers Association Co Equality Officer (alongside Alison Murphy) I am also the current Equality Seat Holder for Disabled Teachers on the National Union of Teachers’ Executive. I intend to use this blog to update you on developments in the union both locally and nationally, particularly those issues which effect disabled teachers.

It’s apt that I am writing this now as it is UK disability History Month (UKDHM)from Nov 22nd – Dec 22nd . Take a look at the UKDHM website and the broadsheet about war and disablement: Disability History Month

Many disabled teachers benefit from support provided by Access to Work. They had a reorganisation over the summer which has led to many delays in assessment and payments. The TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee is collecting evidence about this at the moment. If you have a story to tell please email me.

The NUT continues to be concerned about the number of older teachers, specifically women in their 50s who are being forced out of teaching. Some of these have impairments which give them protection under the Equality Act. Take a look at the NUT guidance ‘Making Work Fit’ which sets out some examples of reasonable adjustments which can be made.

Finally, for this blog, at November’s executive an urgency was accepted from the organising and membership committee which called for more support to be given to lay officers who often experience stress when dealing with casework and organising expectations. The union will be undertaking a review of the situation soon. In the meantime do please get in touch with me if you have anything you’d like to say on the matter.