Using Ofsted to reducing workload

Ros McNeil: Head of Education & Equalities will be speaking at our union meeting on Tues 25th Nov 5pm in the Hanwell Community Centre W7 1PD on how to use the Ofsted Clarifrication to reduce our workload.

It is our action that has also forced Ofsted to produced this ‘Clarification‘ on what it does NOT expect schools to do. Find out from Ros McNeil how to use this to convince your headteacher to reduce your unnecessary work. The clarification has also been emailed to you.

In addition our action, as you probably know, has forced Nicky Morgan to recognize workload as a critical issue, consequently she has launched a teacher consultation to look at ways to reduce it. We urge you to ‘Tell Nicky’ your views. This is the TES link where Nicky asks your views on how to reduce workload. The survey button is at the bottom of the article. The survey will close at the end of November and practical conclusions are expected in January 2015.

All reps and union activists are encouraged to downlaod this very useful guide booklet on reducing workload in your school School-Action_Plan