Resolution at Khalsa Primary

We call upon all sides of the Gurdwara to stop using Khalsa Primary School as a prize in its internal elections. The school’s purpose is to teach and prepare the pupils for the future, it must not be used for the vain glories and ambitions by some, often in the public eye, in Southall.

Dormers Wells High NUT Defending Their School

70 NUT Teachers at Dormers Wells High School say no to academisation because it is;
Bad for Grades
Bad for Special Educational needs
Bad for Staff
Bad for the Community
Parents should have their say & vote

The Horrific Manchester Bombing & Our EQT Event Thurs 7pm Ealing Town Hall

I have consulted with prospective parliamentary candidates/agents for this constituency. We have agreed this is a local and not a national campaign and so the Education Question Event will go ahead. This is the position of the national Political Parties involved. If the event was today I would have cancelled it as a mark of respect.